Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ask Not What You Can Do For ThirtyWhat ...

Well, everybody ... Gotshoo has pulled out the big guns in the race to be the 2006 Illinois Times top blogger. Along with retracted campaign promises to cut taxes, find WMDs, and create public health care ... he's thrown down the gauntlet by announcing a party. Not just any party ... he'll be throwing a local blogger bash at his new home complete with a grill, beer, wine ... all on the condition that you vote for him. Damn! It's diabolical ... and a stroke of genius ...

So now I'm faced with a difficult decision ... do I retaliate with a better offer? And if I do, what possible carrot can I dangle in front of voters to get them to choose ThirtyWhat?

Does anyone remember the 80's? How about Ronald Reagan? The Cold War? Does Mutually Assured Destruction ring a bell?

Well, I've given it a lot of thought and came to the conclusion ... that I've got nothing. I mean ... what? I'm going to personally bring about the second coming of Christ? I'm good ... but I'm not that good ...

So ... vote your heart ... vote your conscious ... or, in the case of Gotshoo, vote your stomach. After all, we're all part of Springfield's blogging community ... and just having the Illinois Times include this category in their poll is a compliment to every one of us.

My name is ThirtyWhat ... and I approve this message.

First things first we're gonna change the rules
Better listen up, all you boys and girls
Your prez says there'll be no after school
So vote for me wouldn't that be cool

Extreme - When I'm President


  1. By any chance, is he related to Dubya? :)

  2. Nick, only funky and less evil10:19 AM

    Oh, ThirtyWHAT, finish Regans Star Wars and you got my vote :)

  3. Thirty-

    With quality posts like the 3-Part Peace Plan, I'm sure you'll be a contender in this year's "Best of" competition.

    It'd be sweet to have a blogger party, but I'm not enticed enough to vote against my conscience.

    And remember, DON'T Vote Just Two Guys!

  4. God ... I can't lie. It'd be way cool to win ... but I look around and there are so many good blogs in Springfield. The competition has to be pretty fierce.

    There are quite a few who post almost daily ... quite a few who post beautiful photos they've taken themselves ... some who write poetry ... some who have an accompanying television shows ... LOL

    It's pretty cool that you and Micah are teleblogging, John. If you guys won, I'd be totally jazzed for you ... I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

    Now, Hilton Hightower has written, "Go screw yourselves you pathetic morons. Idiots. Scum." It's not that his poetry and artwork isn't creative ... in fact he's got a very entertaining blog. But if he won, I'd have to wonder if the citizens of Springfield, as a whole, are masochists ...