Friday, March 28, 2008

Bloggers Are the Trekkies Of the 21st Century ...

Most people assume bloggers are just computer geeks who need to get a life. They assume we're narcissistic ego-maniacal jerks-offs who think everyone in the world needs to hear our views on life. Not true.

In my humble opinion, Springfield's local bloggers are creative, talented individuals who are looking for an outlet. Sometimes that outlet is fun ... sometimes it's free therapy (this example applies mostly in my case) ... sometimes it lets our friends and family members in on what's been happening in our lives ... and sometimes ... if we're really lucky ... it features a fellow blogger's writing skills.

Life is stressful. The car. The mortgage. The kids. Unless you've devoted your life to imaginative endeavors, most of us just don't have time to write War and Peace or paint the Sistine Chapel. Blogging is a fun way to assure ourselves that we haven't given up on that little creative voice inside ourselves that is whispering, "I should've been an art teacher" or "I should've moved to New York and sang in that band" or "I should've gone into politics."

It's sad that some folks in the print media use their resources to take jabs at those who put themselves out there for the world. It takes a lot of cajones to share your life and thoughts with people ... even more cajones to use your real name whilst doing it. More cajones than I've got, by the way.

The SJ-R seems to appreciate local bloggers. It's a shame that Illinois Times can't say the same.

Oh, to clarify a few points ... I'm a female ... not quite middle-aged ... and although I'm wearing underpants while I blog, I'm not exclusively wearing underpants while I blog. Just FYI ...

What's the lynch mob's verdict
Am I truth or am I trend?
Its easier to judge a voice
Than it is to use one
Its easier to avoid the sides
Than it is to choose one
Standards held on peers face their inventors with doubt
Soap operas rot themselves from the inside out

Ghost - Banished and Loving It


  1. Thirty-

    I couldn't agree more. I am proud to call myself a member of the blogging community here. There are a lot of great people doing this.

    I always love reading your perspective.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these blogs have a much higher readership than that of the IT author.

    And as far as reading all of these local blogs, it sure beats the heck out of mind-numbing television, underpants or not!

  3. Well, John ... I loved your response to their article. And, even more, I respect that you cancelled your interview with them. I'm sorry that you won't be getting the extra publicity for Just Two Guys ... that's a shame.

    I liked the comment on another blog that mentioned how odd it was that the writer used the term "underpants" instead of "underwear" ... it reminded me of "Underpants Gnomes" ... LOL

    Time to go to work,
    Work all night,
    Search for underpants yay!
    We won't stop until we have underpants!
    Yum tum yummy tum tay!

  4. Takes nerve to do this using your real name? You can say that again sister. I got into a pissing match about a year ago with eleventhhour & jeromeprophet about blogging. Blogging is something I do on top of a radio show - for fun. That's it. Fun. Nothing more. It allowed me to spout about things I might not tackle on a radio show I had (and still do) have a much bigger audience on air - than online - consequently, I take blogging less seriously. I have yet to make any money blogging. I blog for fun. I blog for myself. If no-one reads my posts - I'm good. I think the point of the Illinois Times article is, bloggers who take it - and themselves - too seriously. Until blogging is paying the bills - and some do - blogging is what it is. Amateur, entry level free media. That's not a bad thing, it's simply the truth.

  5. Brian, you're on a whole different level than all of us. Your blog may be fun ... but it's an extension of YOU ... and your job puts YOU out in front of the world LITERALLY every day. If it takes cojones to use your real name while posting to an online blog, it takes big brass conjones to do it on the air.

    For 99% of us, blogging is just for fun ... I don't believe any of us think we'll be picked up by Huffington Post anytime soon for syndication. But, you know ... Arianna ... if you are listening ... (LOL)