Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Hangover 101

Oh yes, it exists ... the fabled holiday hangover. No, I'm not talking about booze ... although if memory serves me, I'm sure there's plenty of those types of hangovers to go around. I'm not talking about those financial holiday hangovers either ... although if you were one of the millions who put your Christmas on a card, may I suggest you click here.

No, I'm talking about emotional holiday hangovers. Face it, we all build up Christmas to such gigantic proportions that there's almost no way that reality can match our expectations. Whether it's the in-laws who subconciously snipe at one another or the family dog who happens to go into heat on Christmas day, there's always going to be imperfections.

We're no different. It was a lovely holiday and the positive aspects far outweighed the negatives. As my Mom says, everyone's life is a door ... and, though some may look beautiful from the outside, if you were able to open up someone else's door, you might find you like what's behind yours a lot more than what's behind theirs.

Speaking of Mom, once again, one my annual gifts to her was spending Christmas Eve at mass. Like you, she knows my feeling on spending an hour of my time sitting in a cold, uncomfortable building listening to stories that I can't relate to as told by an elderly, celibate man who can't relate to me.

She's decided that I need some kind of therapy to uncover why I have this intense dislike of "churching" ... a concept that I don't find appealing in the least. I wasn't molested by a priest or anything so dramatic as that ... I just don't get anything out of the experience.

In any case, (my ex-husband) gave me the gift of mobility. Yes, that's right ... I'm blogging on our couch on my new wireless laptop. How freakin decadent is that? I feel like Marie Antoinette ... somebody get me some cake, damnit! No ... seriously ... I want some cake. Somebody get on that.

The girls were creative and thoughtful with their presents ... and just having them with us for the day was a lot of fun. (my ex-husband)'s dad surprised us by coming up from Florida for a visit ... which was wonderful. All and all ... it was a success.

Sure, I physically feel like I've been run over by a Mac truck now that it's over ... but hey, that holiday hangover is the one gift you just can't return.

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy
I don't mind, I think they're crazy
Running everywhere at such a speed
Till they find, there's no need
Please don't spoil my day
I'm miles away
And after all
I'm only sleeping

Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping