Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007 Superbowl Commercials - Ver 4.0

Fourth Commercial Break:

Accidental Kiss - Snickers - Grade B+
Girl on treadmill - Schick - Grade C
Pride (Movie)
Survivor Fiji

Winner: Snickers ... now that was a hoot. Go to "" for more manly man stuff.


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Hey- I emailed you! Check Out the I Killed OJ Site! at there are three commercials there!

  2. Hey Guy ... checked it out. I'll post the link shortly ...

  3. College One9:36 PM

    OMG, I would say the snicker one was my third favorite one (my favorite is still coming up). The one part I didn't like was the manly part, I thought they coulda done something a bit more manlier than ripping off hair (I think, if both of them had ripped off their shirts, then looked down, then let there be an awkward silence, then commercial woulda been A+). But since you say there are different manly stuff online, the comemrcial might be better :D

    Girl on treadmill- Booooooooooooooo...... D

    ~College One

  4. idiot's anonymous2:54 PM

    Seriously... I think I was hit on the head during the game, because I don't remember the - HEY!! THAT ONE'S OLD!!!! >:( I remember that treadmill commercial from a month ago.... then wanting to see if i can use the razor on my legs...

    ~Idiot's Anonymous