Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007 Superbowl Commercials - Ver 6.0

Sixth Commercial Break:

Wet T-Shirt/American Choppers - - Grade D
Grand theft auto parody - Coca-Cola - Grade A

Winner: Coke - I have played hours of GTA ... and that was pretty damned cool. It never crossed my mind to fix things ... and I can't tell you how guilty that makes me feel.


  1. College One9:40 PM

    Hmm.. I don't remember the wet t-shirt one.... but I do know that I hated all go daddy commercials....

    OMG... I LOVED the GTA commercial... At first, I was all WOOOO!!! GTA!!! And then he started fixing things... and then I was all "Was this part of an expansion pack?"

    ~College One

  2. idiot's anonymous2:42 PM

    I loved the GTA one as well. I kept on asking my sisters when he's gonna start either beating the hookers, or give them clothes that fit. :P

    Although, I couldn't help but notice that the graphics in the commercial were better than any GTA game that I've played...

    ~Idiot's Anonymous