Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007 Superbowl Commercials - Ver 1.0

First commercial break:

Rock Paper Sissors - Bud Light - Grade B
Car Wreck - Doritos - Grade B
Pet Shop - Blockbuster - Grade A

Winner: Blockbuster - I loved it!


  1. College One9:24 PM

    Wait wait wait... What are you SMOKING????

    Come on.... that Blockbuster commercial was so LAME.... it's been done before, and wasn't funny.

    And I LOVED the rock paper scissors commercial.... GENIUS!!

    And... well, I'd probably give the fan made one (the doritos with the diff flavors) a B+... I thought it was cute, and laughed :)

    OMG... that first play was awesome...

    Ashley agrees with you... she liked the mouse one.

    ~College One

  2. Idiot's Anonymous2:57 PM

    I loved the Rock Paper Scissors one!!! :D Unfortunately, I can never, ever use that move, but I can still laugh like a loony when I see it. :D

    The Doritos one was cute, but over all, the catagory goes to Rock, Paper Scissors.

    ~Idiot's Anonymous