Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back In My Day ...

So I read in the SJ-R today that there's some debate over whether things were out of hand during Saturday's St. Patrick's Day parade ... because people were drinking on the sidewalks outside of the bars.

Edwards said the city should take formal action if drinking in public is to be allowed. Otherwise, he asked, what should police say to people who wanted to drink in public to celebrate Christmas or their birthdays?

You know, I haven't been able to drink in years ... because of the whole PKD thing. I suppose that's the main reason why I haven't attended a St. Patrick's Parade ... or Pub Crawl ... or anything else alcohol related for that matter ... in years.

So, since I wasn't there last Saturday, maybe I should keep my opinion to myself. Sure ... and if you think that's gonna happen, you must not come here very often ...

Back in the day when I did imbibe ... and boy, did I imbibe ... people always stood outside Kane's (my favorite bar at the time ... anyone remember Kane's?) on St. Patrick's Day. We watched the parade go by and had a drink or two. So, not to sound harsh or hurtful, but is this backlash just a knee-jerk reaction to Patrick Sheehan's death?

For those of you who don't know, Mr. Sheehan had been drinking downtown and was traveling 80 to 100 mph on Jefferson Street when his SUV flipped over shortly before he reached Veterans Parkway. The crash happened at 6 p.m., about an hour after downtown bars stopped outdoor alcohol sales.

Don't get me wrong ... Mr. Sheehan's death is a tragedy. Furthermore, I'm not advocating public intoxication. Drinking outside is against city ordinences ... but I think Jim Leach said it best on WMAY this morning. If you're not accosting anyone, you're not harassing anyone, and you aren't throwing up on anyone ... how is it hurting anyone?

In my humble opinion ... and that's all it is ... here's the bottom line. If you drink and drive, you're just as dangerous to me and my family ... whether you're sitting inside on a bar stool or whether you're standing outside watching the Mayor's brother handing out Guinness to folks dressed as leprechauns.

On the other hand ... who needs to drink ... when you can see the Mayor's brother handing out Guinness to leprechauns ... and still be totally sober.

Let grasses grow and waters flow
In a free and easy way
Just give me enough of that fine old stuff
That's made near Galway Bay
The police men from old Donegal
Sligo and Lietrin too
We'll give them the slip and we'll take a sip
Of the rare auld Mountain Dew

Four To The Bar - Mountain Dew


  1. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Say that when you're burying a member of YOUR family. So glad I don't live in that state anymore. At least the police here would have made SURE he didn't get behind the wheel. Leave it to the "must have" drinkers to spout the necessaties of alcohol and it's availability.

  2. Again, this death ... and any other ... is a tragedy ... and the families involved must be heart broken.

    To recap ... a few weeks ago, some individuals were beating their chests in outrage over people drinking on the sidewalk outside of the downtown bars on St. Patrick's Day.

    My point in posting was that drunk drivers are just as dangerous to MY family whether they're sitting on a barstool all day ... or whether they're standing outside.

    I think it's a little hypocritical to work ourselves in a froth over people standing outside of a bar drinking a beer on St. Patrick's Day, when you can stand outside Rockin' Robbins at 2:59 a.m. on Friday or Saturday night and see twice as many people getting into cars who shouldn't be driving.

    If you re-read my post, you'll see that I'm not a "must have" drinker ... in fact, I don't drink at all anymore so I don't have a dog in this fight.

    As usual, the whole issue has blown over ... and you won't hear it discussed again until next March. I'm not advocating public intoxication ...

    I was just pointing out that we should be more concerned about the drunk driving that goes on the other 264 days of the year ... instead of feigning outrage over one.

  3. LOL ... again, I'm not a drunk ... and I am aware that there are 365 days in the year ... not 265.

    Please excuse the typo ... it's Friday.