Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And They Said Sarcasm Would Get Me Nowhere Fast ...

This just in ... Howard K. Stern is not the father of Anna Nicole's infant daughter, Dannielynn. In a shocking twist, DNA evidence has proven that Larry Birkhead is the father.

Other shocking news just breaking: The sun will set in the west this afternoon ...

Thank God ... we can all finally get some sleep ...

The last to know
How youre feeling
The last to know
Where you are
The last to know
If youre happy now
Or if hes treating you
Like I treated you
Or if he's cruel
I'll be the last to know

Del Amitri - The Last To Know

1 comment:

  1. College One4:16 PM

    Thank god... because ya know, when the sun RISES from the west, that's one of the signs of the imminence of Judgment Day.

    ~College One