Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Could NOT Be More Pissed ...

So I get home tonight and, as I walked in the door, the phone was ringing. The caller ID said "unknown caller" ... but I went ahead and picked it up. This is what I heard:

"This is your credit card company. Don't worry! You aren't behind in your payments! We're just calling to let you know this is your second notice in regards to the offer to lower your interest rate. This offer is about to expire. If you are not interested in receiving 6.25% interest on your card, just hang up. If you would like to upgrade your card to our lower interest rate, press one to speak with a live representative."
I pressed one. Not because I was interested ... but because I was concerned. We have one credit card and it is through Mr. ThirtyWhat's employer. They don't do phone solicitations like that. And so my mind instantly begins thinking the worst ... identify theft.

I hold on the line and, within moments, a bright, perky young woman comes on the phone. "Hi! Can I have your first and last name?" Hmmmm .... scam? I tell them my first and last name and she says, "Well, hi there, ThirtyWhat! Are you ready to upgrade your CitiBank card to a lower rate?!" (It wasn't CitiBank ... but I don't remember what the name of the company was or believe me I'd share!)

I said, "Well, I don't have a credit card with you ... and I was wondering why ..." She immediately cut me off with a tone that was now condescending and curt and said, "Well, this call WASN'T for you, was it?" and SHE HUNG UP ON ME.

WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT? If I could remember the name of that company, I would call and assure them that I'll never have a card with them! Anyone else around here get this call today?

She took your credit card out
With a calculatin' grin
Hey dude, I feel sorry for you cuz
I know where you've been
It kind of hurts right here, doesn't it?

Slaughter - She Wants More

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  1. You are right, Identity theft.
    I thought it was a scam. I didn't press 9 which was the next step. My call identified themselves as Credit card services, before they gave me the same recorded spiel.

    The comment you received is one you get from telemarketers who can't get you to sign on to whatever. This is definitely not a credit card company. Those telemarketers get paid by the piece, that is why her tone changed.