Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Super Bowl Commercials - Ver. 7.0

Planters Peanuts - Ugly Girl - God! Insulting much? And you know what? I don't have a uni-brow ... or a huge wart on my face ... but just for that ... I'm not buying Planters. Fuck you, peanut man. - B

T-Mobile - Charles Barkley - Just another reason that your friends shouldn't have 24/7 access to you. I'm just saying. - B

Pepsi - Justin Timberlake - OMIGOD ... I would've paid to see Justin Timberlake get the shit beat out of him ... and they give it away for free? Come here, Pepsi ... lemme give you a hug. LOL - A++

Doritos - Mouse Trap - What the HELL? This guy has people dressed as giant mice in his walls? Huh? Okay, fine ... I'll admit it. I laughed. - C+


  1. MiniTwin7:25 PM

    Hehehe....I loved watching Justin get the tar beaten out of him. It's one of my favorite commercials of the night.

    However, I thought it would have been top of the line, SUPER A++ if instead of those football guys in the van, it was the rest of Nsync. I thought for a sec that he said "Hi, Joey" instead of "Hi, Tony". I mean, if Andy Samburg in a blonde wig can be in that commercial, why can't the rest of Nsync?

  2. The baby E-Trader ads were my favorite.

  3. I'd already stopped blogging by the time I saw my first "Baby Trader" ad. You know, it was adorable and I was on board ... until he puked up at the end. Ugh ... not attractive.

    But I'd still give 'em an B+ for creativity. They would've been an easy A if they'd passed on the regurgitated Similac.

  4. Great job, as usual. Your ad reviews are becoming a Super Bowl tradition.