Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day ... er ... Or Is It?

Happy St. Paddy's Day ... unless you're an Irish Catholic, in which case you best stop your shenanigans now. The church apparently decided at some point that the holiday had to be celebrated last Saturday so as not to conflict with Holy Monday. From the article ...

In a letter last fall, the Catholic Diocese of Columbus told the Shamrock Club, the group that organizes the parade, that Bishop Frederick Campbell wanted "all observances honoring St. Patrick" -- religious or otherwise -- removed from Holy Week.

"It's not a sin to celebrate your Irish culture," countered Mark Dempsey, the club's president.

"Actually, you're born Irish first," he said, "and then you're baptized Catholic."
Just so we're clear ... our Catholic fathers basically said, "Hey, go out and get as trashed as you want ... but ... could you do it two days earlier? That'd be great. Thanks." I've never been more proud.

We're as stubborn as mules
With our blood on fire
When we ain't at Sunday mass
We'll look any man straight in his eyes and say
Kiss my Irish ass!
You better kiss my Irish ass!

Flogging Molly - Kiss My Irish Ass


  1. MiniTwin7:37 PM did I know that you'd be using that song for a St. Patrick's Day post?

    Anyways...a lot of college students must not be Irish Catholic...because I've overheard a lot of people talking about getting trashed tonight.

    I'm spending today wearing green and watching the NCAA women's basketball selection show.

  2. Idiot's Anonymous10:47 PM

    Hey Thirtywhat, just to let you know, that the song you posted is actually done by the Mobtown Hooligans, not Flogging Molly.


  3. I did a lyric search and everyone and their brother thinks it's Flogging Molly ... but it isn't. I then searched on Mobtown Hooligans. They've broken up ... however, that song wasn't on either of their two albums.

    Apparently ... we were both wrong. After much researching ... the song was written and recorded by Frank Mackey and the Keltic Cowboys on their album "Songs of Longing and Debachery" ...

    But ... the bottom line ... is all credit goes to YOU, Idiots Anonymous ... because YOU turned me onto that song in the first place! :D So, everybody can just kiss our IRISH ASSES! LOL