Friday, April 18, 2008

ThirtyWhat's Friday Game Grab ...

Last Friday, I brought you the joy of "You Have To Burn The Rope" ...

Unfortunately, some of you (I'm talking to you, College One) did not enjoy "You Have To Burn The Rope." I have no idea how this could happen ...

But, every day dawns with new possibilities ... and so, once again, I offer you a Friday game for your amusement ...

This time, your selection is called: These Little Pigs

Once again, it's not the game so much as it's the music. I find it very zen ... give it a try.

It's good ... but it's no "You Have To Burn The Rope" ...

You managed to kill that boss you see
The Grinning Colossus
You're the hero we all wish we could be

Love Theme To "You Have To Burn The Rope"


  1. College One6:10 PM

    Now, that one was cute.

    And yet.... disturbing. I'm bad at the game... so when the piggies fall down several feet from the sky... well... I don't think pigs fall very gracefully.....

    ~College One

  2. MiniTwin10:36 PM

    The background music is "Pachelbel's Canon", in case you wanted to know.

    Good find! I find myself addicted each time. And it's ADORABLE.

    My highest score so far is 710. What's yours?

  3. I knew it was Canon in D ... god, I played that piece for a competition when I was a senior ... I'll NEVER forget that music. Ugh ... over and over ...

    Anyhow ... I liked that it sounded like bells ... very soothing ... very zen ...

    Although, as College One points out, it's a little disturbing to watch the piggies go plumetting down to Earth when you're already like 50 piggies up.

    But ... I try not to think of that ... LOL