Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The 2008 Blockbuster Season Begins ...

So we went and saw Iron Man on Sunday.

I ... am not a comic book fan boy. Well, I'm not a boy at all, but you understand my gist. I didn't read any kind of comic books growing up ... and the whole super hero mythos really doesn't do much for me. I'm not sure if that's a guy thing or what ... I don't see too many women sitting around comparing and contrasting Doc Ock versus the Green Goblin.

But ... for me, Iron Man boiled down to this. I can't see Robert Downey, Jr. as anyone other ... than Robert Downey, Jr. Don't get me wrong ... he's great. He's fun to watch. But he IS who he IS. For me, he is forever frozen in time as Julian ... the tortured junkie from Less Than Zero. For years I thought his acting in that movie was amazing ... in retrospect, maybe the drug-induced angst was a little more real than we would've wanted to believe.

But I digress. The point is ... drugs and drama and court appearances aside ... Tony Stark is just Robert Downey, Jr. with striking facial hair. To me, at least. 94% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes would disagree ... as would the two 40-year-old fan boys sitting next to me who giggled like 10-year-old school girls every time Tony Stark uttered a line.

It was fun ... but then again, I'm a movie fan in general. So, as with everything else in life, take my opinions with a large ... large ... grain of salt.

It's your one way ticket to midnight
Call it Heavy Metal
Higher than high
Feelin' just right
Call it Heavy Metal
Desperation on a red line
Call it Heavy Metal noise

Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal


  1. MiniTwin10:19 AM

    But hey...Iron Man is still better than Ant-Man. Actually...just about anyone is better than Ant-Man.

    I haven't seen Iron Man yet, but I do know that you're right about the whole fan boy thing. Everywhere I go there's a review or comment about how "awesome" the movie is.

  2. LOL ... true. I am drawing the line at Ant-Man. I'm just not going. He controls ants? What's next? Fluke-Worm-Man? He controls fluke worms?

    Yes ... the fan boys are all over the whole Iron Man thing. I donno. It was fun ... but ... I mean, the movie "experience" is fun, you know? It wasn't painful to watch by any means. It just ... wasn't ... awesome.

    The guys next to me ... shudder ... they were starting to make me uncomfortable. I mean, there was a line in the film something like, "How did you solve the ice problem?" and they actual girl-shrieked kinda quietly and went, "ICE PROBLEM!"

    I mean ... JESUS. I was just SURE they were over there wetting themselves ...