Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Think Of It As A Virtual Fridge ...

You'd think having one blog would be enough, wouldn't you? Well, I guess not.

(my ex-husband) will tell you that the way I get my frustrations out is to pull out my sketch pad and draw what's on my mind. Most of the time, the doodles involve a bear ... which, as I've long ago mentioned ... represents me.

So ... I thought, what's the harm? I'll post a few of them online. Some may have explanations ... some not need explanations. After all, I'm no Picasso ... and this isn't my Blue Period.

I'm calling my new drawing nook Bear Doodles. Now, trust me when I tell you that this is no hot spot for high art or professional sketches ... it is what its name implies ... bare doodles.

Anyhow, as I said, I mainly draw just as a (very kindergarten-ish) way for me to get my thoughts or frustrations on paper ... and the new blog is a place to store them. Think of it ... as my very own virtual refrigerator ... without the kitschy magnets.

So, I suppose we should start out with an introduction ...

This ... is Bear ...

It could be simple
My hand guide my pencil
My head is a mad child scribbling circles

Rocco Deluca & The Burden - Draw