Monday, May 04, 2009

It Goes To Show You Never Can Tell ...

We live in a culture of snark. Not only do I accept that fact ... I embrace it. Much of my humor is based on sarcasm and cynical smart-ass remarks ... and most people in my life share that same sort of attitude. I watch those mash up shows with B and C list celebrities making snarky comments about whatever movie, music, or celebrity is being roasted ... and I laugh.

So why ... why are my feelings so DEEPLY hurt when two separate friends of mine made snarky comments today about (my ex-husband) and I eloping to Las Vegas. Sure, they were joking. They didn't mean any harm. But still ... it's bothered me so much that's it taken the entire joy out of my day. I am so sad I sat at my desk and cried today ... and I can't tell you the last time that's happened.

It may be because today is our 13th anniversary ... it may be because I don't think anyone should make me feel ashamed that we eloped to Las Vegas. But no matter the reason, it has affected me very badly ... so much so that I'm considering removing my Facebook account.

The thieves are it again
Stealing my piece of mind
But they won’t win
Because my soul they’ll never find

Rhian Benson - Stealing My Peace Of Mind