Monday, February 01, 2010

I Walked Away Thankful ...

This weekend, I saw "Precious" ... a movie, I must be honest, I was both looking forward to ... and dreading. Not that I don't love well-made, heart-wrenching movies. It just looked like one of those movies that nothing good can come of. It looked like one of those movies that you watch and then spend the next 48 hours in a depressive funk.

But "Precious" isn't quite like that. It's dark and depressing and upsetting ... but it does end on a hint of a high note. I say "hint" because, most likely, there is no happy ending for Precious Jones. But to say much more than that would be to spoil your experience.

I would give you a deeper synopsis, but everyone knows the plot. Precious is an obese, illiterate 16-year-old girl who is pregnant for the 2nd time by her own father. There is nothing good in her life. And when I say there is nothing good in her life, I am not exaggerating. There is not one ray of sunshine in this child's life. Her mother abuses her mentally, physically, and sexually. Her classmates ridicule her. She yearns for a boyfriend and some small sense of normality in the chaos of her life.

As the story unfolds, you see that every step Precious makes in bettering herself is met with equal and opposite force by her mother, Mary. Quite frankly, it amazes me that Precious finds the strength to get out of bed each morning. It's a strong story ... and Mo'Nique give a performance that is terrifying. I couldn't sleep after watching it ... Mary's mistreatment of her daughter was burned into my thoughts.

I will tell you that I walked away from this movie realizing that, even though we weren't wealthy, I won the lottery of life. I was born to parents who loved me ... who never abused me ... who cared whether I learned to read and write. I was born to parents who worked and raised me to work. I was born to a household who made me feel safe and loved. And after watching Precious, I hope I never forget that ... or take it for granted.

The first sign of spring
The rose buds are blooming
I got a new song new song to sing
Life looks so amazing
I never knew that it could open my eyes
And for the very very first time
I can see in color

Mary J Blige - I Can See In Color