Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ugh ... Work Already ...

When we go to bed at night, Mr. ThirtyWhat is fond of saying, "today was a good day" or "today was a bad day" to describe the general outcome of the day's events ... and I feel like putting on some pajamas, crawling into bed, pulling the covers over my head and whimpering "today was a bad day" ... although I can't really put my finger on one particular cause ...

True, I got a phone call at the ass crack of dawn that I needed to get to the office ASAP because the server was down ... and that seems like a good enough reason for having a bad day ... but that really wasn't so bad. True, one of the raid disks went out and I need to call for a replacement in the morning ... but again, that's really not so bad either.

It's more the feeling of this mountain of small-but-irritating issues that is slowly but surely crushing me. It's a combination of my day-long headache that feels as though a hamster is gnawing at my right optical nerve ... and the two (not one, mind you, but two) computers that I discovered today that have bad video cards ... and the backup system that is wired like some kind of poor man's HAL (I am not kidding here, as it practically asks, "What are you doing, ThirtyWhat" whenever I try to disconnect it) ...

All these things are adding to the feelings of anger and sorrow and grief and frustration ... with no outlet for any of them.

I suppose the positive spin on this is that not one single person is part of all this morass of emotional garbage ... and that's amazing. Not one person made me angry today. Not one person frustrated me or hurt my feelings or pissed me off. It's all mechanical or situational ... and that's a very good thing. Because I have no desire to take any of this out on a fellow human being.

Computers, however? One of their mechanical bretheren may go flying through a window at any moment ...

Go ahead
Run away
Say it was horrible
Spread the word
Tell a friend
Tell them the tale

Get a pic
Do a blog
Heroes are over with
Look at him
Not a word
Hammer meet nail

Dr. Horrible - Slipping

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