Monday, September 20, 2010

This S#*t Is Bananas ...

Good news everybody ...

I think (my ex-husband) is making progress. I should probably wait to post this until tomorrow ... in the off chance we learn something different at the doctor's office. But let's just throw caution to the wind and say ... he's doing a little better.

Last Thursday, the oncologist put him on Levaquin to fight the green phlegm he was coughing up and to try to combat the mystery fever that kept coming and going. Well, by Saturday morning, I'll be honest ... I was worried. I was sure he was going to end up back at Memorial again. Your body simply can't go weeks without eating ... and the wear was starting to show on him.

So we sat down on Saturday morning and had a talk ... I told him we were nearing a point where he was going to be admitted again ... unless we found something he could eat. He'd been thinking the same thing ... and he'd made a list of a handful of things he'd be willing to try ... I suggested a few other things ... and off I went to Shop n Save with a small shopping list in my hand and a barrel full of prayers in my head.

On our first attempt out of the gate ... jackpot. He ate an entire banana for lunch on Saturday. In the interest of full disclosure he still had to take liquid morphine for the pain in his throat first ... and it took him a full 15-20 minutes to eat it ... but he ate an entire banana. This is epic.

Later on, he drank a small glass of apple juice (again ... epic) ... dinner wasn't quite as successful. After having head and neck radiation, he doesn't make enough saliva to eat dry foods ... and we learned that (at this point), chicken thighs aren't remotely moist enough. But that's okay ... I made him a cup of chicken broth to replace the chicken thigh ... and he found it was much, much easier going down.

So, the struggle isn't over ... he meets with the oncologist tomorrow morning and I'm going to ask what happens next, i.e. scans, additional chemotherapy, etc. But I'll take my victories where I can get them ... and this weekend was a banana-flavored victory.

Let me hear you say this shit is bananas
This shit is bananas

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