Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blessing On Top of Blessings ...

Wow.  Just ... wow!  

I'm not a material person ... I don't sit around all the time thinking, "What can I buy next?"   And in my heart I really do believe the best part of Christmas is spending time with people you care about.  But having said that ... WOW!  My family and friends are so giving ... and know me so well.   I'm just overwhelmed ...

Starting Saturday with the trip to Peoria and the Christmas lights, then laughing and talking for hours Sunday evening with my family, then going to Christmas Eve mass with Mom, then spending Christmas Day with the best friends a person could ask for ... everything was pitch perfect.

It sounds cliche ... but I'm sincere.  It was an amazing holiday.  I wouldn't change a thing ... well, except for something I put in my mouth.   Oh, the possibilities of that sentence, eh?  No no no ... get your head out of the gutter.   I burned the top of my mouth while cooking on Sunday afternoon.  I had a crock pot of those little BBQ wienies going ... and wanted to taste one.  Holy shit.   I had no idea that Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce can transform into molten lava ... but it can ... and it did.

So ... Sunday evening ... all day Monday ... all day Tuesday ... and now this morning ... every time I put something in my mouth it aches and burns.  I went out on Christmas Eve to Smokey  Bones ... I went to lunch Christmas Day at International Buffet ... I went to dinner Christmas night at the Hibachi Grill ...  and I couldn't eat anything at any of them.  Jesus Christ ... I'm starving.

But ... aside from the third degree burns on the roof of my mouth ... my Christmas started out wonderful ... and it ended perfectly.  

Take a good look around
And if you're lookin' down
Put a little love in your heart

I hope when you decide
Kindness will be your guide
Put a little love in your heart

And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place
For you and me, you just wait and see 

Al Green & Annie Lennox - Put a Little Love in Your Heart