Friday, December 06, 2013

Still Alive ...

I see the light at the end of the tunnel ... even though it feels like I was hit by a truck somewhere in the tunnel.   Wednesday night everything was fine ... I felt fabulous ... Stoney and I had a nice date night and I was home pretty early.  But by four a.m., I was up getting sick ... and things got worse quickly.

About seven o'clock, I decided I was going to work ... there was no question ... I had to.  So I got up and started getting dressed ... and threw up.   I changed clothes, went downstairs, and got sick again.   That one was bad ... and I knew I couldn't go.   So for the first time, I called in sick to my new job.

Things got progressively worse.  My fever went up to 101.8.  Everything ached and I couldn't keep anything down ... not even water.   For twenty four hours I didn't turn the television on ... I didn't check my e-mail ... I just laid here.   I tried taking Tylenol but it wasn't working because I wasn't keeping the water down long enough to get the medicine in my system.

This morning I had to call in too ... I still had a fever and was up all night with stomach issues.  So I've spent the day in bed ... slowly but surely getting better.  My fever finally broke ... and I've managed to keep down a little food.  If I'm being honest, I still feel like throwing up, but my ribs hurt too badly.  Now I just lay here until it passes.

I missed the Christmas Rifftrax show ... I missed taco day at work ... hell, I missed two days of work and I'm not sure I have two days of leave built up.   But I think I'm on the down hill side.  It hurts so bad to move.  It hurts to sit up.  My strength comes in spurts.  I'll get up and do one or two two things then have to lay back down.   But I'm getting better.  Baby steps ...

I wanna jump but I'm afraid I'll fall
I wanna holler but the joint's too small
Young man rhythm's got a hold of me too
I got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu

Johnny Rivers -Rockin' Pneumonia

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  1. Robert8:21 AM

    Sorry to hear that you are down sick. Hope you can whip this thing real soon, my wife and I read your posts regularly and enjoy the spirit of your posts. We will include you in our prayers.

    Robert and C.C,