Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Think Think Think ...

So I'm faced with the quandry ... what do I give up for Lent this year?  Stoney's asked what I'm planning to do ... and so far, I'm just not sure. 

Sometime around Easter last year, he said, "Next year, I'll give up something with you."  Normally I would make a joke ... something along the lines of ... "There's a good chance he didn't think he'd keep me around that long ..." but ... here we are. 

And I didn't even bring it up ... he did.

I was making French toast for breakfast the other morning and he asked, "Have you decided what you're giving up for Lent?  I still have to pick something."  It's the silliest thing in the world, I know ... but I was really touched.

I don't know what I'm going to do.  I know what I'm not giving up.  Last year I sacrificed Cherry Coke and it was the longest 40 days in recorded history.  I was miserable ... and I'm pretty sure I made everyone else around me just as miserable.   After my last kidney test, Stoney and I negotiated ... and I agreed to cut my soda intake down to three per week.  I'll be damned if any of those three won't be Cherry Coke.

In any case, I'm weighing my options.   It's supposed to be something that you'll miss ... a sacrifice.  Everything I'm considering seems too extreme.  Give up Facebook?  No.  Give up fast food?  I should ... but no.  Texting?  HAH!  NEVAH!

Maybe I'll give up TV one night a week.  I love reading ... so I'm not entirely sure how much of a sacrifice that would be.  Things to think about ... things to ponder ...think think think ...

So help me if you can, I've got to get
Back to the house at Pooh Corner by one
You'd be surprised, there's so much to be done
Count all the bees in the hive
Chase all the clouds from the sky
Back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh

Kenny Loggins - House at Pooh Corner

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