Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hug Your Loved Ones ...

Never, ever forget ... life is short.   In the blink of an eye, your world can change.  I learned that ten years ago when Dad had his heart attack.  And I learned that again this weekend.

Saturday morning, Stoney and I went to a funeral of a dear friend of ours.  He had cancer and had fought the good fight for years ... but eventually we lost him.  The funeral was heart wrenching and by the end, everyone was teary eyed.

After the funeral, we came home and started cooking.  I baked two pans of yeast rolls and Stoney made some delicious scalloped corn.   Saturday night, College One hosted the second annual Goobly Goobly Day ... a Thanksgiving/Birthday extravaganza that is beloved by all.  There are four birthdays ... her, her husband, her step-dad, and I ... all within two weeks.  So given that it's November, she bakes a turkey and we all bring sides.  It was a fun night ... full of laughter and stories and love.

But it was cold and snowing and sleeting.  

The drive out to their house is dark and winding ... and I woke up to the news that Idiot's Anonymous had gotten in a wreck.   Someone hit a patch of ice and slid around into her lane.  The State Patrol said she did everything right ... but there was no way to avoid the other vehicle.

Idiot's Anonymous is lucky to be alive.  I mean that with all my heart.  When you see the pictures of her car and the pictures of the van she hit ... and both drivers are blessed to be alive.  It's going to be a long road to recovery.   She had reconstructive surgery today on her hip and pelvis.  She'll walk.  She's a smart, strong, determined woman ... and she'll be fine.  It's just going to take a lot of hard work.

Just like that ... we went from being a happy, whole family ... to being a family in crisis.   You never know what life has in store.  Hug your loved ones ...

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