Friday, January 01, 2016

Everybody Needs Love ...

Happy New Year, everyone!  I haven't posted since August ... this might be a new record for me, as far as ignoring my blog goes.   As someone on Twitter speculated, my lack of output may be in direct proportion to my overall happiness these days ... and it's true ... I can't deny that's part of the equation.  But the thing that keeps me from opening my laptop each day isn't happiness ... it's my utter lack of energy.

My kidney function is down to 13% as of last week ... which puts me in Stage 5.  This isn't catastrophic.  I mean, it isn't optimal ... but it isn't catastrophic.  This is just the next part of the journey ... and it's alright.  It's hard to think ... hard to write these days.  I'm nauseous ... but there's medicine for that.  I hurt ... but there's medicine for that as well.  I'm tired ... but Stoney is sweet and he understands when I sleep for eleven to twelve hours and yet crave an afternoon nap.

Speaking of Stoney ... his love is the reason I wake up in the morning.  He is the reason I can't wait to come home at the end of the day.  He is the reason I smile.  If it weren't for him, I don't know how I would've gotten through this year ... hell, if it weren't for him, I don't know if I would've been able to sell the house.

It's wonderful to have a partner ... a partner who helps with everything.  I'm still not used to it.  We spent time with family and friends over five consecutive days over Christmas ... first a large group of our friends, then my mom, then more friends, then my girls, then all of his family.   Before the girls came over, we spent the day cleaning the house ... just the normal things people do like dusting and vacuuming and cooking.   And it hit me at one point ... I'm not doing this alone.   He's in there running the vacuum while I clean the kitchen ... we're a team.  A really good team.

My year has been wonderful with the house being sold and all the loose ends from my life before being wrapped up and topped with a bow.  Stoney's year has been great with a promotion and winning EOM last month.  We'll get to go on a trip with the other winners and, more importantly, he has a shot at employee of the year.  I'm so very proud of him ...

And so, we start 2016 on a good note.  I'm making my resolutions ... but I'm not stupid.  I realize I'm blessed ... and I'm so thankful that I get to wake up every morning with a kiss and go to sleep every night feeling loved.

Moon beams we can dream on
At the setting of the sun
And the stars we can wish upon
When the working man is done
Sunsets we could cry over
Have our trouble's on the run
But more than these miracles above,
Good people, we need love
Everybody needs the love, love, love
Everybody needs the love, love, love
Everybody needs the love, love, love
Just like they need the sun and moon and stars up above

Drive By Truckers - Everybody Needs Love

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