Friday, November 19, 2004

OMIGOD - I'm ThirtyWHAT?

So, hey there ...

I'm an 80's baby ... at least, that's how I always thought of myself. I mean, I'd rather listen to The Cure than Usher ... and, to be honest, that's got me feeling pretty old lately. I mean, when HP starts selling digital cameras to the tune of "Pictures of You", it's time to start dialing to the "oldies" station.

Things have definitely changed ... I remember going into the club on Saturday night and feeling like I owned the place, you know? Now everything's so different. It feels as though I could go to my high school reunion and no one would recognize me.

Life has really been weighing me down ... maybe it's loneliness because all my friends have grown apart ... or maybe it's some kind of impending mortality thing because my dad had a massive heart attack not long ago and nearly died before my eyes ... or maybe it's just because I just turned the big three-five last week.

Come to think of it ... maybe it's just those Cure songs?

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