Thursday, March 03, 2005

Remember Captain Trips?

I'm not ignoring my blog ... I'm sick. I feel like shit ... and I'm not the only one. People are dropping like flies in my office, my (ex-husband) is just now starting to show signs, and I'm keeping my eye out for any suspicious looking crows.

Over half of our office either left early or didn't come in at all. Word is the schools are half empty. None of this would phase me ... except for something that happened last week.

I went into the doctor's office (for issues completed unrelated to this flu/cold/bug thing ...) and for the first time, I saw these new signs posted. "If you are coughing or sneezing, you will be given a mask to wear. Please comply." And sure enough, most of the patients in the waiting room were wearing one.

Damn, people ... it's bad enough you see the World Health Organization talking about avian flu and pandemics on the news every night ... but now it's like I'm waiting for Mother Abigail to show up.

So, if you're feeling bad ... drink orange juice ... they tell me it helps ... and get some rest. If you're not feeling bad ... count your lucky stars and try to steer clear.

See ya on the other side ...

Baby, can you dig your man?
He's a righteous man,
Baby, can you dig your man?

Larry Underwood - Pocket Savior