Friday, April 22, 2005

We're Moving On Up ...

1. How many locations (dwellings) have you lived in? - I was born in Quantico, Virginia at a military base. My dad was a Marine working for the President on Marine Corps One at the time. So, obviously, we moved around pretty frequently. Especially after he went to Vietnam. Anyway, I've lived in a total of nineteen places ... I don't know if that's average or above average ... but I suppose it feels normal to me.

2. If you could place your dream home in any location, where would it be? - Well ... this answer is in two parts. If you mean a "realistic" dream home ... I've already got one picked out in the town we live in. It's on a beautiful block ... it faces a park ... it's two story ... white ... beautifully landscaped lawn ... I dream of owning that house. I can literally see our family there.

Now, if we're talking totally unrealistic dream home? I want a log home ... one of those huge ones with the big glass windows in front. You know ... the kind with a big stone fireplace. I've got plans ... but it would require winning the lottery.

In the first more realistic case, my dream home would just be here in town ... for the second ... well, it would have to be out on a hilly countryside ... oh ... and there has to be a pond or lake on the property. I don't want much, do I?

3. In terms of the act of moving: are you a packer or a box mover? - Oh God! I'm so lazy! I'm much more a packer than a box mover. I'd rather spend all day organizing, packing, and unpacking than lugging boxes up and down stairs.

4. What one item do you own that you absolutely hate to move? - My piano ... Jesus! That thing is ridiculously heavy ... I think it almost killed my husband last time we moved. I'd be tempted to sell it with the house if my parents hadn't bought it for me when I was only eight years old!

5. What's worse: the act of moving or a routine cleaning at the dentist? The dentist ... any day of the week. Maybe I've moved too many times ... and it does seem to get a little harder each time you do it. I guess it's the accumulation of stuff ... we've got way too much stuff.

Big wheels rollin'
Gotta keep 'em goin
Big wheels rollin'
Movin' On

Merle Haggard - Movin' On

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