Thursday, August 25, 2005

Geek Chic

OMIGOD ... three weeks without an update. That's gotta be a record for me, right? I've got excuses ... plenty of them, actually ... but in the end I just wasn't in the mood to blog. Maybe it happens to everybody ... you just go through a dry spot where it's just too much work to write.

There have been a lot of changes in three weeks. A little over a week ago, we dropped our oldest off at Illinois State University in Bloomington. It was so heart wrenching for me ... I was able to hold back the tears until I got into the van to leave ... but after we drove away, I was totally soggy.

See, when I first met the girls, she was already seven years old. I missed out on the toddler years but I still got to enjoy the "little girl" stage. The twins were more into Barbie than she was ... but she loved My Little Ponies ... and had a strong affection for homemade mashed potatoes. Now it's ten years later and she's all grown up and in college. It's too quiet and her room is so dark ... it's depressing as hell.

Yes, I know this is the way things are supposed to go. During the week, I'm able to accept that if you've done your job right, then your kids should move away and be able to function independently. But then Saturday night comes ... and she isn't laying on the bed with us chatting about her week or watching stupid British sitcoms with us. I guess I just miss having her around.

On a lighter note, my mom signed a lease on an apartment yesterday. She'll be moving out of the country and into the city. Thank goodness! It's been so hard driving back and forth trying to help her get ready to move. Once she's in town, Mom will only be five minutes from both our home and my work ... and that'll be a huge weight off my mind. It's a cute little place ... and I emphasize little. But, she says it's exactly what she wants ... and, much like our new college student, she's got to feel free to make her own decisions.

Oh, and did I mention our new "baby"?  I got my Christmas present early. I'm now the proud owner of a bouncing baby iPod ... and lemme tell you, she totally rocks! It's a 60 gig color screen iPod ... and I've already put 3,082 songs on 'er. Let me fill you in, folks ... this is definitely the way to go. I can carry photos, songs, and text files on it ... and it even has a calendar and contacts list. She's everything I'd hoped she would be and more.

I can feel myself becoming obsessed even as we speak. I suspect next month's fun money will be going towards skins and accessories. I'm even starting to explore podcasting. Yeah, I'll admit it ... I'm gonna be a slave to that little white box of joy!

Something so strong
Could carry us away
Something so strong
Could carry us today

Crowded House - Something So Strong