Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Pattern Of Coincidence ...

How many times have you looked at a clock and saw that it was 11:11? Or noticed $11.11 on a grocery receipt? What I find strange is that if you look for this coincidence, you'll miss it every time. I assure you, I'm not looking ... and yet I notice it more and more.

I was driving down the road on Friday and, for no reason, glanced at the dashboard clock. The digital numbers read 4:44. Today, I was typing a report and looked over at the phone to see it read 11:11. It's insane ... but it feels as though it's trying to tell me something. Maybe it's a message reminding us that we are spirits having a physical experience - not physical beings having a spiritual experience.

I'd love to attribute this odd feeling it to something personal ... like my Dad trying to reach me from the other side ... but I know it isn't him. These things happened before he passed away ... albeit less frequently. It's 3:33 as I type this ... and for some reason that makes me feel peaceful and happy.

It's the same kind of story
That seems to come down from long ago
Two friends having coffee together
When something flies by their window
It might be out on that lawn
Which is wide, at least half of a playing field
Because there's no explaining what your imagination
Can make you see and feel

Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized

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  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    You know, Janelle from BB6 on CBS claims she was abducted by aliens one night. Her and her friends were driving down the road, and she says she started feeling "spaced out". Next thing they know the clock says 11:11 and they're a couple miles away from where they last had consious thought.

    Not quite that spiritual of a story, but it still kind of fits in with the weird 11:11 thing.