Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

What Flavor Pocky Are You?

Personal Note to KK - "You are the DEVIL!"

OMIGOD ... have you tried this stuff? It's like crack! Oh sure, it looks innocent enough ... but once you eat one stick, you're hooked. I'm telling you, if there was a guy standing on the street corning selling Pocky, people would be mugging their grandmas to buy a box.

As it is, I have to get my fix from the only supplier in the neighborhood ... KK. She brought home a box of Chocolate Pocky this weekend and was nice enough to share. I might as well take out that home equity loan now ... because I suspect I'll be buying truckloads of this stuff.

Proving once again that they're hipper than all get out, KK and her sister have been big fans of Pocky for quite awhile. They're into the whole anime thing ... and, hey ... let's give credit where credit's due, because they were clued in long before anime became the "in" thing to watch.

So, thank you, KK ... thank you for my new addiction ... like I needed something else to crave! Oh ... and ... um, you know that box you left in the freezer on Sunday? That box that mysteriously disappeared??? Um ... I think the dog ate it ...

I'm turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so
Turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so

The Vapors - Turning Japanese

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