Monday, May 29, 2006


Happy Memorial Day, everybody ...

So, I was watching news tonight ... and I think I've come up with the perfect answer for two of our country's biggest issues ... immigration and Iraq.

Immigrants want citizenship, right? The military is having trouble attracting recruits, right? Here's what we do ...

Offer immigrants a path to citizenship through the military. If they sign up for ... let's say a thirteen month tour in our military ... they are automatically citizens when they return.

Bingo! Problem solved. You're welcome ... this one's on me.

Now, (my ex-husband) says this won't work. He's going on about foreign nationals protecting our nation ... and something about a "whiff of racism?" I don't know about that ... but I do know there are thousands of people who want to be Americans ... so let's give 'em an opportunity to serve the nation they want to join.

So, whaddyathink?

We want YOU!
We want YOU!
We want YOU as a new recruit!

The Village People - In The Navy