Monday, June 12, 2006

Vote Quimby!

Note: It's not that I've been ignoring my blog ... well, okay ... maybe it is. This is the "busy season" in my office and, not so coincidentally, the only two weeks of the year when we can earn overtime. I'm sorry, did someone say overtime. Oh yeah, baby ... count me in. I was sick this weekend with some kind of stomach bug. I spent the weekend throwing up and generally feeling miserable ... but I still managed to fit in four hours on Saturday. I'm telling you ... people in my agency could have leprosy and they'd still make it to work in June. Time and a half is a very, very rare thing around here ...

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Have you ever noticed that your internet activity is cyclical? If you're like me, once you're "into" something, you find yourself spending hours on the computer. Maybe it's an online game like Everquest ... or a TV message board like The Fuselage ... but whatever it is, it totally captures your attention.

Well, my "thing" right now is the local blogging scene. I'm just fascinated that there are people online writing about events that are happening around me. Weird ... I know. It's a shared experience with a total stranger.

For instance, BlogFreeSpringfield has written about Washington Park's Carillon and Knight's Action Park recently. The 11th Hour featured posts about the 183rd Fighter Wing and Air Rendezvous. Heck, Unspelled even offers a Friday lineup of events here in Springfield.

Now, it's true that I've mentioned our town on occasion ... like here and here. However, it's not a normal source of content for me. Strange ... because I have plenty of opinions about the state of local affairs.

So ... I'm gonna make more of an effort to talk about central Illinois "stuff" ... and meanwhile, feel free to check out these gems:

Just Two Guys
Photos Etc
The 11th Hour
Disarranging Mine's
List of Springfield Blogs

Free WiFi in Springfield
The Writer's Chronicle
Hilton Hightower
Wikipedia on Springfield

Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town!
The schoolyard's up and the shopping mall's down!
The stray dogs go to the animal pound!
Springfield, Springfield!
Springfield, Springfield!
New York, New York!
New York is that-a-way, man!
Thanks, kid!
It's a hell of a ... town!

The Simpsons - Springfield Springfield!

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  1. Thirtywhat-

    Thanks for the mention here. I've put a link to you on the Just Two Guys blog. Happy to be part of this growing and thriving Springfield blogging community.