Friday, August 25, 2006

The New Corner Five and Dime ...

Wow ... I'm about to show my age. Does anyone remember Ben Franklin stores? Those five and dime shops that had an assortment of odd things?

Well, I was in Walgreens the other day and it hit me ... Walgreens is the new Ben Franklin. Have you been in a Walgreens lately? It's an amazing oasis of gadgets and gizmos and generally useless crap.

You know that "As Seen On TV" stuff? Oh yeah, Walgreens has it. You want a tie-died shirt? Walgreens has it. You want a vibrating neck pillow ... Walgreens has it.

A couple months ago they added a $1 aisle ... so now walking into a Walgreens has become a direct threat to our bank account. If I stop in just to pick up a prescription ... I end up coming out with a George Foreman grill. What the hell is up with that?

I love Walgreens. In fact, every Christmas we have a gift exchange at work ... and every year I buy my exchange gift at the big W. Not because I'm a cheap ass, mind you, but because their Christmas aisle is so freakin amazing. There's always a cookie jar ... or a set of dishes ... or some sort of wreath that blows everybody away.

I love Walgreens ... it's my secret shame.

Wanna take her to the movies
She don't like no show
But she likes to see how far
Your credit card can go
Gonna push it to the limit
All the way to the top
Don't say that word
Cause you know she can't stop

Slaughter - She Wants More

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  1. Nick, I'm not suposed to eat the legos,4:08 PM

    Walgreens is like a tiny K-Mart.