Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's Appointment TV ...

If you have HBO, set your TiVo to record the season premier of Bill Maher's Real Time. If you don't have HBO, call Insight and subscribe right now. They're repeating the premier Monday night ... so don't wait. Call now.

This week, Bill's guests include Spike Lee, Elvis Costello, and Senator Max Cleland. But that's not why you want to subscribe ... the money shot is on guest Christopher Hitchens. He's a republican apologist who thinks he's the next Winston Churchill.

If for no other reason, tune in to watch him antagonize the studio audience. The episode peaks with Mr. Hitchens flipping off the audience and actually telling them to fuck off. Now that is good entertainment.

New Rule: Anna Nicole Smith can't get pregnant
until Britney's baby grows up. There are just not
enough investigators at Child Family Services
to keep these two infants alive at the same time.
Anna Nicole, if you're that desperate for a toothless
human who can barely speak and cries every time
he sees your breasts, find yourself another husband.

Bill Maher - New Rules


  1. Christopher Hitchens is a former socialist and a pretty smart dude. Don't discount what he has to say.

    Elvis Costello has written enough good songs that I'll listen to whatever he has to say. I can't say the same for Adam Ant. Can you?

    Hope you're feeling better Ms. ThiryWhat. Someday you'll tell us who care about you who you really are.


  2. What he was saying wasn't unintelligent or uninformed ... but anyone who goes on Real Time knows what Bill Maher's beliefs are and they know the audience is primarily liberal.

    So, the audience clapped whenever Bill made a point ... and it seemed to really get under Mr. Hitchens skin. He came across as a pretty arrogant individual.

    He ended up calling the audience ... I can't remember the word ... trivial? They basically booed things he said ... and he reacted. Again ... good tv.

    Thanks for asking, Dan ... I'm feeling better. A week of antibiotics will do that for you.

  3. I didn't see the show, so maybe I shouldn't comment. But I will.

    I think that what happens when you have an audience of a certain ideological persuasion, be it liberal or conservative, they don't really listen to anyone who they think is the enemy. They're there to cheer for the home team and they don't even notice when the visitor scores a point.

    I know that Hitchens can come across as arrogant, but he is hardly an intolerant conservative.

    I'm glad that you're feeling better. I didn't comment on your grade school posts, but I too went to a Catholic grade school. I'm sure the nuns didn't realize it at the time, but they were training a generation of future bloggers.


  4. I think that's true of Bill's audience. In fact, Mr. Hitchens said something along the lines of, "You're audience will clap at anything you say."

    Honestly, maybe he was just having a bad night. He was aggressive and at one point snapped at Bill saying something like, "I see how you deal with other guests so don't look at me like I'm STUPID." Bill looked taken aback ... and he immediately changed the subject.

    I'd have to see him on another show or maybe just on another panel on this show. First impressions and all ...