Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Plunge ...

Alright, I wouldn't quite call it a "plunge" ... but more than my toes are wet this time. I completed my first full workout at Curves ... and I lived to tell. Don't laugh ... it's quite an accomplishment.

When I was researching the idea of going to Curves, I read several posts from people who said it wasn't a hard enough workout. They said they didn't even break a sweat. I have no idea what kind of workout those people normally do. Lifting beer kegs for fun? Towing semi-trucks with their teeth for AAA? Building pyramids for the great god, Ra, on the weekends?

Curves is fun ... but it's certainly not easy. All I am saying is this. Remember that saying, "Women don't sweat ... they glow." Well, at 4:45 today I was glowing like the Clinton nuclear plant.

Come on let's sweat baby
Let the music take control
Let the rhythm move you
Sweat -- sweat!

C&C Music Factor - Gonna Make You Sweat


  1. Can you describe the workout? I was thinking of joining them awhile back (until I heard about the prolife thing), but ... well, peer pressure is good, but I wouldn't like having to hang out with a group of strangers, especially if we were supposed to be socializing or talking to each other as suggested by the equipment in a circle. Not that I'm antisocial, ha ha.

  2. Well, let's see ...

    There's a circle ... although it's not a perfectly round circle ... it's more of an imperfect oval.

    There are 12 or 13 machines with springy bouncy boards in between which they call "recovery boards." There's music playing and every 30 seconds a voice says, "Change Machines ..." or something like that. Every so often the voice says, "Time to check your heart rate ..." stuff like that.

    So, you start out on a springy board ... kinda jogging/dancing/whatever ... then you switch to a machine ... then to the joggy board ... etc. etc. for 30 minutes. At the end, you have stretches you do ... then you go home and collapse.

    Socially, I thought it was a very nice environment. I didn't feel pressured to talk with the other women ... although when I went there were only two others in the club besides me. The trainers were very very wonderful ... and the other women were very respectful of my "space" ... if that makes sense.

    If you wanna check it out sometime, e-mail me at and we'll chat. Now, I haven't officially joined yet ... I'm still on my two free weeks ... so it's not like I get any credit or anything for bringing you in.

    I didn't want to go with my co-workers cause I didn't want to be tied to anyone else's schedule ... but if you didn't want to go alone your first time, I'll be happy to tag along.

    I still have an issue with the whole pro-life thing ... but ... like I said, it's the only game in town ...