Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Super ... Thanks For Asking ...

I've never considered some of the things we say without thinking ... and how hurtful they may be to others. I was walking out to my car today and an acquaintance passed, smiled warmly, and said, "Hey, how're you doing?"

What an innocent question. But no one cares. I don't mean that in a personal, whiney, poor-me tone. I mean ... when we ask that question, we don't really care. It's just a greeting.

"Hi there! How are you?"
"Fine, thanks! How bout you?"
"Amazing ... catch you later."

That's the way it's supposed to go. Not ...

"Hi there! How are you?"
"I hurt. Frequently. Particularly badly
right at this moment, as a matter of fact.
I'm going home because it's impossible to sit
at my desk and concentrate ...
and I need to take my medication."
"Oh ... alrighty then."

No no no ... I didn't actually have that conversation ... because, pain aside, I know the rules of polite society. I said I was fine ... and kept walking. Because at that moment, I really did need to get home, take my prescription, and lie down. And, in the end, snapping at her wouldn't have made me feel any better ...

How are you?
How'd you sleep last night?
Did you dream of me all night?
How are you?

Cheap Trick - How Are You


  1. This pain you speak of, maybe it is due to all the exercise that you have been doing at the curve...

    Just kidding.

    Seriously, I hope you feel better.

  2. Gosh, Randy ... are you spending time with my Mom? LOL

    She asked me the same thing the other day ... she's worried the Curves membership has made my symptoms worse.

    I don't know ... I've been having this pain for a couple years now ... so Curves didn't cause it. Does it make it worse? I'm gonna have to keep an eye on it ...

    Thank goodness I chose to go month-to-month, huh? haha

  3. I'm so tired of people asking me "Hawaiiya?" as though they care.
    This counterfeit decorum only adss more methane to the air.
    So I've written this reply to all the treadless tire wheels who grin
    And spin those cliche queries without seeking traction from the state I'm in. . .

    The lessons I cherished as truth in my young days
    Are the manna of jackals and oafs
    Who devour every one while I starve on the promise
    Of the Fisherman's fishes and loaves.
    The grim, gross repartee from vain minions from vain minions from hades
    Leaves me drenched in their muck and their grime.
    I am going to hell in a hand basket, and I'm making very good time.

    from Howa Yiew? by Job Conger