Saturday, October 14, 2006

It Has Been Prophesied ...

Call it bloggers block ... I just haven't had the motivation to post. Normally I go through the day ... and when I see something interesting online or on the news, my first thought will be, "Boy, I've gotta blog about that!" But in the last week, there hasn't been anything that's even caught my eye. What's up with that?

I'm not making excuses ... but I'm chalking part of it up to medical causes. The mysterious, impossible-to-diagnose pain in my lower left abdomen has been particularly bad this week. Painkillers help ... but it takes a lot of effort to maintain a "normal" life ... when all you really want is to just curl up on the couch until it goes away.

So ... until next time ... I'll leave you with this one note. Guitar Hero II comes out November 7th! (my ex-husband) found a demo that has four playable songs on it ... and it ... is ... phenomenal. I played Shout At the Devil, Strutter, You've Really Got Me, and YYZ. Best ... video ... game ... evah.

Little girl, it's a great big world
But there's only one of me
You can't touch 'cause I cost too much but
Tonight I'm gonna rock you
Tonight I'm gonna rock you

Spinal Tap - Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight