Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lost Again ...

And this is what we waited months for? All summer we've speculated. Theories. Clues. Endless clues. And then last night we learned ... what again? Oh yeah, now I remember ... diddly squat.

Don't get me wrong, the first five minutes were amazing. The Others have home stereo systems? They bake muffins? They have a freakin book club? Well, that seemed mundane ... and, frankly, a little depressing. But a neat little subdivision in the middle of a "deserted" island? Damn ... I didn't see that coming.

But aside from those first five minutes, how did this episode advance the storyline? Benry (Ben/Henry) is the leader of the others? Nope ... already knew that. Jack's a control freak with trust issues? God, who doesn't know that? There's a guy somewhere in South America living on the equator in a cave, wearing a loin cloth, and eating bugs by campfire light ... and he knows Jack is a control freak with trust issues.

I just wasn't impressed. No ... worse than that. I was disappointed. This is their fall premiere episode? All I'm saying is that it better grab my attention soon. I love Charlie ... I love Hurley ... I love Locke. Conversely, I don't give two shits about Juliet, Benry, or Chachi ... who was obviously a plant, by the way.

But since we're already talking about it ...

I think that whole "Jack opens the escape door while Benry runs, abandoning Juliet" thing was all one big mind-fuck on Jack. Think about it ... if Benry hadn't left Juliet there, Jack would've drowned ... because he wouldn't have known to push that emergency button. The whole situation was designed to bond Jack and Juliet and help her gain his trust.

While we're discussing the whole dolphin/shark tank issue ... why, oh why, would a dolphin tank have an electrical intercom system in it?

Chachi/Carl was obviously a plant ... and I'm surprised our favorite con-artist fell for the "You run that way!" scam. Wonder what Sawyer would've found if he followed him into the jungle instead?

And that dossier of Jack's life? Isn't it more likely that they put a little truth serum into the drip that went into his elbow ... instead of the Others having an advanced telecom system that allows them to get a detailed report of someone's entire life and their family's lives from a remote tropical island? Juliet told him what he wanted to hear. She broke him down. It's Guantanamo Bay ... Dharma style.

Oh ... one more thing ... a word of advice to all you future television writers out there. If your character isn't sleeping with someone's wife, all you have to do is have them say, "I'm not sleeping with your wife" ... do not have them say ... "You need to let this go."

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in-between
How can we be wrong
Sail away with me to another world
And we rely on each other, ah-ah
From one lover to another, ah-ah

Kenny Rogers - Islands In The Stream


  1. College One9:33 PM

    Actually, I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one. With the one exception of Jack not drowning, I thought it was a pretty good episode. Think about it. If they had done another episode with all the other characters, and Hurley eating some mayo, and charlie playing his guitar, we'd all be on our blogs and message boards complaining about how the others captured these three people and that's it? No knowing where they went, no mention of them being captured?

    Granted, I will say that this was a very "set-uppy" episode...not the action packed episodes we've come to expect of season premeirs... but if you think about the time frame, this happens right after they were captured... realisticly (or as realistic as you can get on Lost) would more action packed stuff happen in that short amount of time? Hurley's fat... he's probably still sludging through the forest trying to get back to tell everyone.

    My theory is that that big black monster thing was guarding their community... making sure they don't run into it.

    A lot of people are thinking there is a Juliett/Ben thing going on... But I dunno. What I do know though, is that her burning the muffins is probably the reason she was demoted to toothpick placer.

    I think Juliette is going to turn into a really big bad girl. I mean, really bad. She's acting all goody goody to try and get into Jack's good graces, but I bet that changes.

    Maybe they put the intercom system in after they got rid of the shark? You don't know how long ago it was a shark tank...

    The book they were reading was Carrie.. I've never read it- is here anythign in it that might have any clues?

    I like Carl, all 5 minutes that we met him... I didn't think he was setting up Sawyer for the Others, I thought he set him up so the others would go after Sawyer, rather than himself... I think we're gonna see more of him... unless the other's killed him.

    All in all, I think this season is going to be MUCH better than last season... last season was kinda... meh. Hopefully this one is great :D

    "it took the bears 2 hours."
    ~College one

  2. Idiot's Anonymous4:06 AM

    You know how everyone's bitching about how none of the questions were answered? Yeah. If anything was answered then it's that we finally know where those stupid polar bears came from. 1 down, 5 million to go. Wooo... Although, "fish biscuts" is now my new favorite term. :)

    I've read the book "Carrie" back in 6th or 7th grade. It's a pretty good book actually. It's set up like a whole bunch of newspaper articles and memoirs telling the same story. Good times.

    Anyone else think that Henry - I mean Ben (I thought Ben was someone else... I didn't see Henry in the book club meeting) was a psych major when he was in college (back in non-island land)? It seems to me like he knows how to read people and respond to their vibes. He's still creepy. ;_;

    I'm so mad that I missed the first 2 minutes of the show!! I left the room to go to the bathroom, and it already started. Stupid TV... However, I really liked the opening of the episode. It's just like the previous openers combined. The weird "where is this person" factor from season 2, and the ability to instantly suck me in like first season. Although.. I thought that Juliet was the lady from the season 2 ender.. oops... I swear... I have the attention span of an amoeba.

    Till next time, lostaways!

    ~Idiot's Anonymous

  3. Paper Boy5:22 PM

    I'm glad to see you're with me on referring to him as Benry. Most other people think that's just silly.