Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007 Superbowl Commercials - Ver 10.0

Tenth Commercial Break:

Wild Hogs (Movie)
Connectile Dysfunction - Sprint - Grade D
Black History - Various Chips - Grade B
What else haven't I done? - Coca-Cola - Grade B

Winner: Coke - Wouldn't it be cool to have the courage to do anything you've ever wanted to do?

Note: I combined several breaks - for some reason they'd show one and then cut to the game ... the cut back to one more ad and so on. Are they trying to piss me off?


  1. College One9:49 PM

    What else haven't I done is an old commercial that's been running for at least a week by now.

    I think it should be disqualified. The winner by default is suicidal robot.

    ~College One

  2. You're right. I just heard this morning that the Coke spot was an older ad. Still ... I liked it.

    You know, I'm the only one who didn't like suicidal robot. Apparently he's just amazing ... and I missed the ball on this one.