Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007 Superbowl Halftime Blogging

OMIGOD ... I am such an 80's baby. From the moment I hear Prince utter the words, "Dearly beloved ..." I am on board. I could do without the "rosie the rivetor" head scarf. I could also do without those women go go dancers who are throwing themselves around at his feet.

The tusk-esque marching band is a nice touch ... but Proud Mary? Proud Mary? I wonder what College One thought of the neon piping on the Marching Band's uniforms ... gotta remember to ask her later.

Miscellaneous thought ... they've gotta have saftey procedures in place so that we don't see the first live electrocution on national television. Still ... we got the TiVo going ... so, you know ... either way.

Thank god, he took that scarf off ... I mean, it's not like everyone's hair isn't going to look like shit, right? And, really ... that ugly ass teal suit is totally distracting from whatever's going on up there on top of his noggin.

Overall it was cool ... but was I the only one waiting for Morris and Jerome to come out to sing a chorus or two of Jungle Love?

I ain't gonna let the eleavator
Bring me down
Oh no
Let's go!

Prince - Let's Go Crazy


  1. Marie7:22 PM

    Perfection in a teal suit. And way to do John Fogerty.

  2. I thought looked pretty sharp in that suit. I couldn't get away with it, but it works for His Purpleness.

    Good work with the real-time coverage. You're a better blogger than I am.

  3. Well, I can't deny that Prince would look sharp in just about anything he draped over that body.

    Having said that ... his suit looked suspiciously like some dresses my mother sewed for me back in the 70's. The teal polyester ... those black accents ...

    I'm pretty sure she's still got the Simplicity pattern in her sewing drawer ...

  4. College One9:50 PM

    Prince Sucked.

    Marching Band Rocked.

    And I especially loved the neon lights on them.

    I'm gonna order some for my uniform.

    ~College One

  5. Idiot's Anonymous9:55 PM

    Who else would have rather watched kittens with the Tron-lit marching band?

    Hey College One, don't forget to ask your band director for the lights on the uniforms! :)

    ~Idiot's Anonymous

  6. Prince did not suck ... you just can't appreciate how enormous Purple Rain was back in the 80's. I don't even know what it compares to for you guys ... I mean, the movie was cool ... but the music? It was just insane.

    I didn't see the kittens ... but we did TiVo the eleven o'clock showing of the Puppy Bowl. So tonight ... all the puppies and kittens of the rainbow!