Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Headphones Should Be Your First Clue ...

Holy jumpin' Jesus on a jet plane! What the hell is wrong with me? I woke up today so irritable and on edge. I think I'm doing a relatively good job of keeping it in ... but, damn, it's hard.

I mean, if one person at work is pissing you off ... you can be relatively sure that one person is an asshat. If everyone at work is pissing you off ... guess what? It's not them.

When I find myself in this kind of ... cloud, my typical response is to withdraw. No ... that's not true. My first response is to go buy a Pepsi Freeze. That usually does the trick ... but not today. I'm trying not to be snappish towards anyone ... so I'm keeping to myself. I'm just not talkative today.

So, here's what I don't understand, people ... If you notice that a person is a little quieter than normal ... should your first response be to go into their office every five minutes and babble, "What's up? What's up? What are you working on? How's that going? Did I tell you about my Uncle WhoGivesARatsAss?"

No ... a logical, sane individual will say, "Hey, what's up? If you wanna come visit, I'll be at my desk." Then ... walk away. That's the key ... right there ... walk away. My cube is not my home. There is no door ... but that's no reason you still can't leave.

[Sigh] Okay ... I feel better now. Everyone ... go about your business. I'm finished ranting ... and in one hour I get to go home to my normal, loving family.

Oh, and Godfather's Pizza on North Grand opened on Monday, March 12th ... just in case you're craving a taco pizza.

You're standin' too close
What the fuck's with you
You ain't my old lady
And you ain't a tattoo
No need to whimper
No need to shout
This party's over
So get the fuck out

Skid Row - Get The Fuck Out

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