Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Eyes Have Seen The Gory ...

Although I haven't posted since Anna Nicole passed away on February 9th, I assure that I wasn't overcome with a crippling depression due to the loss. Time just seems to get away from me so easily these days.

College One is leaving for Ireland on Saturday ... can you believe that? Ireland? She's the first one in our family to go to Europe ... and we told her to take thousands of pictures to bring back. Plus she'll be moving into her first apartment at the end of the semester ... so she won't be coming home for the summer.

Her sister, who posts here as Idiots Anonymous, had an interview with Disney last week ... she's considering entering their college internship program. Talk about an empty nest over here! The way things are going, I'm expecting their sister to show up any minute and announce she'll be working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Some rat bastard at work gave me pink eye. Okay, I don't know for sure where it came from ... but I'm not around any small children. And I woke up yesterday with a swollen, gooey eye. I'm on eyedrops, which helps with the scratchiness, but I can't go back to work until Friday at the earliest. Bastards.

In the meantime ... I have one pressing question: Does anyone know when Godfather's will be opening on North Grand? I drive past there everyday ... and, although I see movement, there's no opening date on the sign. Anyone heard anything?

Hooray for Pizza Day
Hooray for Pizza Day
I miss Pizza Day
The best day of the week

The Aquabats - Pizza Day


  1. OMIGOD, it's great to see a new post. It's been an empty nest here in the blogosphere without you, Thirty.

  2. College One3:31 PM

    Don't lie... it's not the pink eye, or the empty nest syndrome that kept you away...

    It's the DS.

    ~College One
    (20 hours away!!!)

  3. Idiot's Anonymous9:37 PM

    haha... antartica? Does that mean I get to play with the penguins?

    But yeah, I get to find out if I'm in the program by at least the 17th. Happy Birthday to me! :D

    I'm sorry about your eye. It sounds gross. Is it alright if the twin and I pop over? I don't wanna get it too! But all that time off must have gotten you plenty of time to play your DS (insanely jelous, btw). What games do you have on it? Oh, and the pinkeye must have come from the NAIL POLISH!! (i'll explain tomorrow)

    I'll wrap it up here. The twinnie and I will pop by tomorrow at about noon.

    ~Idiot's Anonymous

    PS: I wanna go to Darcy's Pint for the birthday dinner. I haven't had a horseshoe in 3 months.

  4. College One9:44 PM

    .... WHAT???

    You guys can't go to Darcy's w/o me... I've never been... you jerks :(

    Fine. I'm going to go to the Blarney Stone without you. AND I'm gonna eat a horseshoe while I'm over there. SO HAH!

    ~College One
    (14 hours away!!!)

  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Sorry about your eye....and no, I'm not going to Antarctica. I'm sick of the snow!!

    As IA said, we'll be popping on over at about noon - 12:30. And yes, I'm jealous of the DS too.

    ~Mini Twin