Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eggs Are Liquid Chickens ...

Next time you sit down to that big ol' ham and mushroom omelet, think about Lil' Pete over there ... fried over-easy.

Oh, the humanity ... er ... the poulter-anity!

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the walrus
Goo goo g'joob.

The Beatles - I Am The Walrus


  1. College One3:43 PM

    But... it's not... I mean, the eggs we eat are the eggs that aren't fertilized...

    Basically, a momma chicken is having her period every day and we're eating the egg that's dropping.

    If that doesn't make you not wanna eat eggs, I dunno what will.

    (and yes, I realize you probably knew that already, and the post was actually about being funny and showing the pic... but hey, I'm a Bio major focusing in animals... gotta show off my knowledge somewhere! Although... technically... I didn't learn that through my major...)

    ~College one

  2. Now, you know for a fact that I didn't care for "breakfast food" before your comment ...

    Now, after hearing that eggs are basically the result of a chicken's daily menstrual cycle, you guys are pretty much guaranteed to be eating cereal from this moment forth.

    Good luck with the Capn' Crunch ...

  3. Idiot's Anonymous3:56 PM

    But what about the milk? That's pretty much like sucking the cow's teat right there...

    That's it! I am sticking to toast and jam!

    Oh hell, I guess it's better than Rocky Mountain Oysters... *shudders*

    And college one, I can only imagine the mood the momma chicken must be in... constant bitchyness. Is this why they bite somethimes?

    ~Idiot's Anonymous

  4. O.K.,

    But what about the fact that nine out of ten living organism in that space which you call you - is actually not you at all?

    I mean we're all just a bag of germs.

    Now if that don't turn you off of breakfast foods what won't?


  5. OMIGOD ... JP ... have you ever seen those episodes of Nova where they show you all the micro-organisms living on your body? It's no wonder Howard Hughes went off the deep end ...

    And speaking of germs ... you know that drug commercial where that nasty little green guy moves in and makes you sick? I think he's setting up light housekeeping in my lungs right now. Little bastard!