Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Were We Watching?

Note: This post has been certified as Spoiler Free
Comments, on the other hand ... read at your own peril.

If it's 9:00 on Wednesday night, you can bet I'm watchin' Lost. And last night, I was amazed. I was swept away ... I was left slack-jawed and in awe at the end of the episode. Even (my ex-husband) said, "Now, that was a good episode" ... which is the equivelent of handing out an Emmy around our house.

So, why didn't anyone else like it? I was reading TMZ's Lost Diary ... and everyone hated last night's Nikki and Paulo Extravaganza.

I'm gonna stop right there ... because I don't want to post any spoilers for those of you who may have a Tivo and aren't quite up to speed yet. But ... for those of you who watched ... weren't you blown away?

Welcome to the jungle
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn ta live like an animal
In the jungle where we play
If you got a hunger for what you see
You'll take it eventually
You can have anything you want
But you better not take it from me

Guns n' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle