Monday, April 16, 2007

It Just Gets Worse ...

News reports are coming out that the casualties at Virginia Tech have risen to 32 ... and that number may continue to rise because so many people were injured in the shootings. Today's tragedy is the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

It's just heartbreaking to hear about this type of thing ... with three of our own up at ISU, I can't help imagining how horrific it must be for the families who have kids at VT. When the girls went up to Bloomington, we kept saying, "Be careful ... " and "Stay safe ..." over and over ...

But how do you stay safe against something as random as this? It brings tears to my eyes ...

Here are a few blogs that offer first hand accounts of the shootings:


  1. Thirty-

    This hits a little close to home for me, because I lived in Virginia for several years. We knew several people who had gone to VT, and I always thought it sounded like an idyllic campus. This saddens me a great deal. If this kind of thing happens in Blacksburg, VA, then, as they say, it can happen anywhere.


  2. It sounds like Blacksburg is a small community ...

    I work with a woman whose sister and brother-in-law are both members of the faculty at VT. Her family was in shock ... between trying to get ahold of both of them ... and trying to arrange for a family member to get over to the daycare to pick their child up.

    Thank God both family members are fine and heading home now.

    It must hit so close to home for you, John ... I'm sorry.

  3. College one8:02 PM

    Westboro Baptist will be protesting at the student's funerals.

    There is a special layer in hell created just for these people.

    ~college one