Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Keep On Votin' In the Free World ...

Rise and shine, everyone! It's election day here in the Capitol City!

So get up, put on your cleanest dirty shirt, and go vote for the lesser of the two evils ... whoever or whatever that may be in your case.

It only takes a few minutes ... and, what the hell, afterwards go reward yourself with a Mel-O-Cream doughnut. It's a win/win for everyone ...

Oh, we were suffering until suffrage,
Not a woman here could vote, no matter what age,
Then the 19th Amendment struck down that restrictive rule.
Oh yeah!
And now we pull down on the lever,
Cast our ballots and we endeavor
To improve our country, state, county, town, and school.

Schoolhouse Rock - Sufferin' 'til Suffrage

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