Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mommy's Alright ... Daddy's Alright ...

I thought I'd share another little story of how
Mr. ThirtyWhat makes my life a much happier place ...

So, last night the phone rang as I was standing by the side of the bed, toweling my hair dry. I picked up the cordless, looked at the caller ID, and said ... "Hey, do we know anybody from Rockford?"

Without missing a beat Mr. ThirtyWhat said, "Cheap Trick ... " and for whatever reason that just tickled the hell out of me. I started laughing ... but the problem was that he said it as I was pushing the "talk" button. So, I'm answering the phone and can't say anything because I'm laughing my ass off.

The sad part is that (of course) it wasn't Cheap Trick ... not that they really would call us ... but they are from Rockford ...

Whatever happened to all this season's
Losers of the year
Every time I got to thinking
Where'd they disappear
Then I woke up, Mom and Dad
Are rolling on the couch
Rolling numbers, rock and rolling
Got my Kiss records out

Cheap Trick - Surrender

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