Monday, April 23, 2007

Visualize Whirled Peas ...

Do not put anything in the ice cube tray except ice!
Do not put anything in the ice cube tray except ice!
Do not put anything in the ice cube tray except ice!

Maybe if I write it enough times, I'll remember ... not to put anything in the ice cube tray except ice. What the hell is wrong with me?

The first time, it was ice cream ... one of those small pint-sized Ben & Jerry's numbers. A couple months ago I sat one of those pints on top of the ice ... and, as the ice went down ... the ice cream went down. Oh yes, I forgot about it. The next thing I know, the ice coming out of the dispenser was covered with ice cream. So I stood in the kitchen ... and dumped out the ice ... washed down the tub.

Tonight, I went to get ice and the motor sounded funny. I thought, "Hmmm, I didn't put ice cream in there again, did I?" No ... of course not. This time it was peas. Can you freakin believe that? We bought a bag of Green Giant Frozen Peas ... and I set them on top of the ice until I had time to make room for them. The ice went down ... the peas went down ... and I forgot about them.

You can't imagine ... peas ... everywhere. Every piece of ice ... covered in peas. Frozen peas ... but peas nonetheless. It took me nearly 30 minutes to de-pea my freezer.

Let's just hope I learn this time ... I can't imagine what I'll be cleaning up next.

You stupid girl
You stupid girl
All you had you wasted
All you had you wasted

Garbage - Stupid Girl


  1. College One8:29 PM


    oh god... can't...stop...laughing

    Hmm... you could do it on purpose though... fill the entire thing with peas, then when you want peas, just push the dispenser

    ~College One

  2. Well, yes ... if you wanted a "pea dispenser" that would certainly be an option. I suppose it would work for corn too.

    But ... watching peas pouring into your glass WITH ice cubes? Not really a "happy surprise" ...

    Oh well, I've got no one to blame but myself. You know, one time? Aw, well I guess I learned. But twice? I must be a babbling idiot ...

  3. Idiot's Anonymous3:24 AM

    OMG... I am trying so hard not to wake my roommate with my laughing, so I'm shaking like a Voltswagen van...

    You know, I never would have thought that you can shoot peas out of an ice dispenser, and now I know.

    Hell, as long as it doesn't break the dispenser, it would be a wicked awesome game!

    "What will fly out of the ice machine?" will sweep the nation, the sales of refridgerators will rise, and maybe, just maybe I can get a box to make a costume out of from the millions upon millions of abandoned refridgerator boxes. :D

    It'll be bigger than "Can Dizzy Eat It!"

    ~Idiot's Anonymous