Friday, April 20, 2007

Why Not Hedge Your Bets ... Just In Case?

While 11th Hour is discussing limbo ... I'm over here fearing for my mortal soul.

You know very little, if anything, offends me. And ... I suppose this doesn't necessarily offend me either. It just makes me a little ... nervous. Heard of "The Blasphemy Challenge"?

The Rational Response Squad is giving away 1001 copies of their DVD, The God Who Wasn't There. There's only one catch ... they want your soul. If you record a short message damning yourself to hell, then upload it to YouTube, this Rational Response Squad will send you a free DVD. Per their own website:

You may damn yourself to Hell however you would like, but somewhere in your video you must say this phrase: "I deny the Holy Spirit."

Why? Because, according to Mark 3:29 in the Holy Bible, "Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." Jesus will forgive you for just about anything, but he won't forgive you for denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. Ever. This is a one-way road you're taking here.

Now, that alone makes me a little uneasy ... but then they start encouraging people to "add extra blasphemy" and "record your video in a church or outside of a church."

I respect everyone's right to decide what they want to believe. If you want to be an atheist, that's totally cool. But ... to mock someone else's beliefs?

And furthermore ... what if they're wrong? Would you want to be one of these lucky people at the Pearly Gates trying to explain why you denied God for a two cent DVD?

Hey God - Tell me what the hell is going on
Seems like all the good shit's gone
It keeps on getting harder hanging on
Hey God, there's nights you know I want to scream
These days you've even harder to believe
I know how busy you must be, but Hey God...
Do you ever think about me

Bon Jovi - Hey God


  1. For the record, there's a response to this webwsite by Christians at the Challenge Blasphemy. So go out there and ... pick a side!

  2. Also I have a blog against the blasphemy challenge here.