Tuesday, May 15, 2007

He Does This Every Time ...

I could not be more pissed off. My brother decided to grace us with his presence yesterday. He thinks it's a special "gift" when he drives 8 hours to surprise us with a visit. However, he doesn't realize that we have lives ... and when he does this, it means I have to drop everything or else I look like an asshole for not wanting to visit with him. It's not that ... it's just that I am so tired of getting that phone call that says, "Hey, guess who just pulled in the driveway?"

This has been going on for years. You'd think I'd be used to it now ... but I guess I'm not. He just called now to let me know that I'm expected to "run over" to my Mom's to see him ... and he doesn't care that I just got out of the shower and I'm in my pajamas for the love of God almighty.

I love him. I really do. But is a simple "heads up" too much to ask?

I am, by the way ...
far too angry to think of a song
to fit this situation.
I'm sure there's one out there ...
but since I have to go get re-dressed,
you'll have to imagine your
own lyrics in this spot.


  1. College One1:41 AM

    Well...there is that one South Park one... ya know.. about the uncle...but that's a little harsh...

    ~College One

  2. Well ... that one is a little harsh ... although probably closer to my mood than I'd like to admit.

    Here's the closest I can come:

    Talk to ya later
    Don't want to hear it again tonight
    Talk to ya later
    Just save it for another guy
    Talk to ya later
    Don't want to hear it again tonight
    I'll just see you around

    Tubes - Talk To You Later