Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jacob Have I Loved ...

"Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." –Romans 9:13

If it's 9:00 on Wednesday night, you can bet I'm watchin' Lost. And last night, I was speechless. Ever heard the saying, "Be very careful what you ask for ... because you may just get it"? Well, I've been asking for answers. And, after getting what I asked for? I'm conflicted.

I was thrilled at all the information about Jacob, the hostiles, and Benry's tortured childhood. But, I must admit ... part of me was a little disappointed. To give the writer's credit, though .. how could Jacob possibly live up to my expectations? Would I have been satisfied with a ten foot winged demon with enormous horns ala Hellboy and steaming nostrils sitting in that rocking chair? No, I probably would've logged on today and griped, "So it really is hell?"

But, while we're on the subject of the ethereal Jacob ... there actually was someone sitting in the chair. For those of you with Tivo, back it up and run the shot frame by frame. There are twelve frames that actually show the elusive leader of the hostiles.

The shot above is the original shadowy view. The picture below is the same shot after being lightened and adjusted in Paint Shop Pro.

Now, my first impression is that is looks just like a picture of Jesus that my Grandmother used to have on her wall. But, once I got past that ... it looks an awful lot like Locke to me. Which would make Jacob ... what? Future Locke?

Also, look at the way the character is seated. You can't see much ... but I believe it looks like his hands are tied behind the chair. See the way his shoulders are back? If Benry has him captured, somehow ... that would explain why he asked Locke for help. It doesn't, however, explain how he could shake the foundation of the house but couldn't untie himself ...

In any case, I whined about wanting to see progress in the storyline ... and that's exactly what we got. I wish we would've seen Sayid chew the ass out of Kate for tattling to Jack. But then I also wish we would've seen someone beat the living shit out of Jack for bringing an "Other" into the camp. All in all though, I thought it was a great episode.

Random Thoughts:

So, Benry plots with the hostiles, deactivates the sonic fence, the hostiles slaughter every Dharma employee, the hostiles then move into the Dharma compound ... and Dharma lets this happen? Let me explain ... here's what's bothering me ...

The hostiles brought Juliet over in that adorable little mini-sub ... but the mini-sub was originally part of the Dharma Initiative, right? Mikhail has that enormous satellite dish on the roof of the farm which they use to communicate with the outside world ... but that satellite dish was originally part of the Dharma Initiative, right?

They've been allowed to continue using Dharma materials and resources for the past ... what ... fifteen, twenty years? Where are the hostiles getting the fuel for that submarine? Who is dropping off food to the hostiles? Who provided the hostiles with detailed reports of every Lostie on that island?

As far as that goes ... where did the hostiles come from? They were supposed to be the island's native inhabitants ... but they didn't look very "exotic" did they? I mean, they didn't look Polynesian or ethnic in any way.

Where is Richard getting his eyeliner? Is it dropped in with the rest of the food and supplies? Is he goth? Is he emo? Are those charcoal smudges a secret clue that he is Jacob? After all, he doesn't seem to be aging much ...

I guess this totally destroys the whole purgatory/hell theory. Unless you want to believe that lil' Benry and his father were killed before going on the sub ... which, seems a little far-fetched at this point. But hey, this is Lost ... I guess nothing is too far-fetched.

And lastly ... does this mean Benry allowed that adorable little girl who gave him the birthday gift to be "purged" along with the rest of the Dharma employees? If so ... it's just further proof that he's nothing more than a psychopath with daddy issues.

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Sing along, send some money
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Well mister, I'm not in a hurry
And I don't want to be like you
And all I want from tomorrow
Is to get it better than today
Step by step
One by one
Higher and higher
Step by step
Rung by rung
Climbing Jacob's ladder

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